Rope Evening Rules

Ø  Rope day’s goal: Exchanging ideas, knowledge and be ablo to tie in a conditioned space.

Ø  Entry to minors under 18 is prohibited.

Ø  The organization reserves the right of admission.

Ø  We allow artistic nudity.

Ø  For more explicit and extreme games, we will enable another zone from 20.30

Ø  Do not take pictures! (Ask for permission to the organization or to the involved people).

Ø   We will have an outdoor space to socialize, but we appreciate speaking low, inside and outside.

Ø  Be careful if you enter to the inner space with drinks, and take out them when you finish.

Ø  Collect the garbage you generate. Please, do not leave glasses or food thrown away! Help us to let the space clean.

Ø  DO NOT step on the tatami.

Ø  NO talking, interruption or greeting to the people who are tying. It is rude and breaks the scene.

Ø  DO NOT touch anyone without their permission

Ø  DO NOT take part in any game without being invited

Ø  DO NOT invade anyone’s personal space without their permission, especially in suspensions and ties.

Ø  You can be in the practice areas if you are not tying up, while not bothering the tiers.

Ø  DO NOT use material belong from others without their permission.

Ø  DO NOT perform practices that you don’t know without supervision.

Ø  If you try to performance a practice upper your comfort zone, ask the staff for help.

Ø  If a practice is consider unsafe by the staff, they will stop the scene.

Ø  If you do not know how to use and close lines correctly in bamboo, do not use them.

Ø  Anyone who practices suspensions must have security tools and know how to use them.

Ø  Respect the space, privacy and material of those who are tying.

Ø  If you have finished tying, please, leave the space free and tidy. Do not monopolize spaces.

Ø  If you want to tie or to be tied, inform politely to the involved person or to the staff.

Ø  If someone insists, impolitely, to tie or to be tied, please inform the staff about and any action will be taken.

Ø  If you have any problem, please be responsible and ask for help.

Ø  Conscious space, each on, tier or tied, is responsible his/her safety.

Ø  No sexist, homophobic, transphobic or racist attitude is tolerated. Non-compliance leads to immediate expulsion.

Ø  The use of drugs is prohibited.

Ø  Alcohol can be consumed with moderation.

Ø  Please, smoke in the spaces enabled for it.